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Cementitious Underlayments

Allied Custom Gypsum, Norman, OK, Tel: 405-366-9500 , Fax: 405-366-9515, email
All of our construction and industrial products are engineered and produced in exacting detail in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Amorim Industrial Solutions, Trevor, WI, Tel: (262) 862-2312, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

ARDEX Engineered Cements, Aliquippa, PA, Tel: (724) 203-5000, Fax: (724) 203-5001, email
Ardex Engineered Cements are specially formulated Portland cement-based materials used to solve even the most difficult patching and leveling problems. Ardex patching and smoothing compounds for subfloors and walls...

Armstrong World Industries Inc., Kankakee, IL, Tel: (717)-397-0611, Fax: Members Listing Only, email
Armstrong offers a wide array of commercial acoustical, metal, and wood ceilings, as well as wireless panels and sound systems.

Bonsal American, Bristol, PA, Tel: (215) 785-1290, 800.334.0784, Fax: (704) 529-5261, email
Bonsal American launched ProSpec√ , its brand of professionally specified building products for architects, engineers and commercial and residential construction contractors. ProSpec products, previously sold under the Bonsal and Pre-Blend brands, include concrete repair and restoration, tile setting and flooring repair, including flooring resurfacing and rehabilitation products.

C-Cure, Seal Beach, CA, Tel: (800) 895-2874, Fax: (562) 598-4008 , email
C-Cure leads the way with innovative products that solve even the most difficult challenges in the installation. This extensive line offers superior solutions for state-of-the-art applications using all types of tile and stone.

CMP Specialty Products, Inc., Maple Glen, PA, Tel: 215-672-6364 , Fax: 215-672-6384, email
Primers, Additives and Sealers

Crown Polymers, LLC, Huntley, IL, Tel: (847) 659-0300, (888) 732-1270, Fax: (847) 659-0310, email
Crown Polymers is one of the world's leading innovative companies manufacturing concrete surfaces requiring a 1/8 or 3/16 in. (3 or 5 mm) overlay system for pedestrian, vehicular pneumatic tire or plastic wheel cart traffic with moderate to heavy usage.

CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation, Cypress, CA, Tel: (800) 929-3030, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Custom Building Products, Lithia Springs, GA, Tel: (770) 941-2400, Fax: 800-200-7765, email
For almost 50 years Custom has been the industry leader for professional-grade products, exceptional customer service, and dedicated quality management for any tile or stone installation.

DEX-O-TEX Crossfield Products Corp., Roselle Park, NJ, Tel: (908) 245-2800, Fax: (908) 245-0659, email
Dex-O-Tex Product Line, by Crossfield Products Corp. is the design professionalís first choice for surfacing & coating materials. These products are formulated to restore, protect & beautify concrete & other substrates, while enhancing the value & performance of commercial, industrial & institutional facilities worldwide.

Dur-A-Flex, Inc., East Hartford, CT, Tel: 860 528-9838, 1-800-253-3539, Fax: 800 253-3539, email
Dur-A-Flex has more than 40 years of extensive field knowledge and innovation in seamless commercial / industrial flooring systems and polymer components epoxies, urethanes and methyl methacrylates (MMA) plus premium colored quartz aggregates

Eco Solutions International, Ashland, OR, Tel: (541) 552-9360, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Elastizell Corporation of America, Ann Arbor, MI, Tel: 734-761-6900 , Fax: 734-761-8016, email
The Elastizell Corporation has provided material for quality roof decks, engineered fill applications, and floor fill installations for over 30 years.

Fin-Pan Inc., Hamilton, OH, Tel: (513) 870-9200, Fax: 513-870-9606, 800-833-6444, email
Fin Pan, Inc. and itís subsidiary, T.Clear Corporationís, innovative thinking have created a family of quality, long-lasting building products starting with concrete backer board and thin concrete extrusion technology combined with energy efficient polystyrene insulation to produce interior and exterior sustainable applications.

Gold Bond Building Products, Long Beach, CA, Tel: (562) 435-4465, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Grace Performance Chemicals, Cambridge, MA, Tel: (617) 876-1400, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Gypsum New York Sales Corporation., Bayside, NY, Tel: (631) 484-0900, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Hacker Industries Inc., Newport Beach, CA, Tel: (949) 729-3101, (800) 642-3455, Fax: (800) 906-8548, email
Hacker Industries,Inc. supplies seven cementitious floor underlayment products and various sound control mats unrivaled in quality and consistency. With over two billion square feet installed nationwide, Hacker Floor Underlayments are the floor underlayment solution for new construction, renovation and repair projects.

James Hardie Building Products, Irving, TX, Tel: (214) 596-9692, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

James Hardie Industries Usa Inc., Mission Viejo, CA, Tel: (949) 348-1800, 1-888 J-HARDIE, Fax: 1-888 542-7343, email
James Hardie fiber cement products allow you to create a beautiful, low maintenance home. Take advantage of the ColorPlus√ Technology to get the look you want, HardieBacker√ board is the lightest cement board on the market, yet it handles flex and compression better than any other. We are the maker of the #1 brand of exterior siding in America...

Keene Building Products, Mayfield Heights, OH, Tel: 440-605-1020 , Fax: 440-605-1120, email
Products are designed for construction projects such as multi-family apartments & condominiums to stop impact & airborne noise, while our building envelopes products can be utilized in wall, masonry, roofing, & foundation applications to eliminate moisture issues.

L & M Construction Chemicals, Omaha, NE, Tel: (402) 453-6600, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

L.M. Scofield Company, Los Angeles, CA, Tel: 323-720-3000 , Fax: 323-720-3030, email
The Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete System gives you the tools you need to restore and literally transform existing concrete floors into a truly sustainable part of your overall building plan.

Laticrete International Inc., Bethany, CT, Tel: (203) 393-0010, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Level-Tech Systems Inc., Fairlawn, OH, Tel: (330) 864-1040, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Mapei Corporation, San Bernardino, CA , Tel: (909) 475-4100, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Martin Covalt Floor Leveling, San Juan California, CA, Tel: (949) 496-3528, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Maxxon Corporation, Hamel, MN, Tel: (763) 478-9600, 1-(800) 356-7887, Fax: Members Listing Only, email
From a full spectrum of floor underlayments to the ultimate floor sound deadening systems, Maxxon offers proven solutions for a world of floor challenges, including Renovation, Commercial Single Family Homes, Multifamily Housing, Self-Leveling Applications, and Sound Deadening Systems.

Mayer Brown LLP, Chicago, IL, Tel: (312) 782-0600, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Mer-Kote, Torrance, CA, Tel: (310) 320-1880, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

MIRACOTE Crossfield Products Corp, Rancho Dominguez,, CA, Tel: (310) 886-9119, Fax: 310-886-9119, email
Providing Scientifically Superior√ī Decorative Restoration, Repair & Waterproofing Products. The Miracote√ product line was created to meet the growing demand for materials designed to restore, protect and beautify concrete surfaces. Most of the materials in the Miracote√ product line are waterbased, making them safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Poly-Carb, Inc., Solon, OH, Tel: 440-248-1223, Fax: 440-248-1513, email
Flexible but durable bridge deck overlay system, High-quality, long-life pavement markings, HFS and RPM adhesive solutions, Sealer, coating & adhesive solutions for concrete rehabilitation and protection, Long-term parking protection & safety to combat weather and heavy traffic.

Polyglass USA Inc., Fernley, NV, Tel: (775) 575-6007, (800) 222.9782, Fax: (775) 575.2314, email
Waterproofing Membranes, Conventional elastomeric and plastomeric membranes, membranes with special applications, vapour barriers, anti-root puncture waterproofing membranes, antiradon membranes, self-protecting membranes with minerals and self protecting membranes with metal laminates.Self-Adhesive Membrane, Insulating Systems & Special Products..

Protecto Wrap Co, Denver, CO, Tel: (303) 777-3001, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Schluter-Systems, Plattsburgh, NY, Tel: (518) 562-2410, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Southern Grouts & Mortars, Corona, CA, Tel: (951) 279-7299, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Specco Industries, Inc., Lemont, IL, Tel: 630-257-5060 , Fax: 630-257-9006, email
Concrete - Masonry Production - Maintenance and Repair

Sub-Floor Systems, Hurst, TX, Tel: (817) 267-9770, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Super-Krete International, Inc., El Cajon, CA, Tel: 619-401-8282 , Fax: 619-401-8288, email

Surface Technology, Inc., Lancaster, PA, Tel: 717-569-3701 , Fax: 717-569-4948, email
We are a nationwide provider of complete, customized solutions for your most critical epoxy and polymer flooring, coating and lining systems challenges.

Tamko Asphalt Products Inc., Joplin, MO, Tel: (417) 624-0625, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Texas Cement Products Inc., Houston, TX, Tel: 800-669-0115 , Fax: 800-669-0115 , email
Setting Materials, Dry-Set Mortars, Epoxy, Mastics, Latex Admixtures, Grouting Materials, Standard Grouts, Polymer Modified Grouts, Epoxy Grout and Latex Additives

USG Interiors Inc., Chicago, IL, Tel: (312) 606-4000, Fax: (312) 606-4000, email
USG has consistently led the industry in offering customers innovative products and services used in the construction of high-performing sustainable spaces.

Warm Floors, Napa, CA, Tel: 707-257-0880 , Fax: 707-257-0119, email
Warm Floors is highly computerized and efficient. All of our business concepts, such as JIT fabrication, obsolescence resistance, dynamic positioning, target marketing, leveraging, industry networking, and more, are aimed towards a highly competitive presence in the next century


























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